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'The worst part of the job is being 'owned' by the corporation.

They control what you eat, when you eat, when you can go use the toilet, how cold it is in your cabin, everything.

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She needs a real job but we were tossing around the idea for lulz. Seriously, I'd tell you guys, especially her being a woman to stay away from it.

Asian-American actress Michele Selene Ang caused a stir recently when she uploaded onto Instagram a picture of herself staring into the camera, sat on a dressing-room table, dressed in all black. The actress's simple black T-shirt, which had these words on it in white: Scarlett & Emma & Tilda & Matt.

Those who keep up with Hollywood are familiar with the names (Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Tilda Swinton and Matt Damon).

We averaged four or five hours a night (that's after 12 hours of labor).

Most crew will nap when they can because after months of that you're in perpetual zombie-mode.'He says: 'Crew members are working way below minimum wage because that's a First World concept. There's always a line of desperate folks trying to land horrible jobs at sweat shops. 'You'll note there is a complete absence of First Worlders from the crew.


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