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Child pornography offenders also presented a relatively low risk to commit another child pornography offense.

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The indicators of hypersexual disorders will vary to some degree depending on the individual.Accurate risk assessment is critical to decisions involving prioritizing cases by law enforcement and making appropriate recommendations for sentencing, treatment, and level of supervision. Across studies of Internet-facilitated child pornography offenders, approximately one in ten has an officially known history of contact sexual offending and; therefore, can be assessed using one of the established actuarial risk scales.[ii] However, the majority of Internet-facilitated sexual offenders have no known history of contact sexual offenses, although self-report evidence suggests a significant proportion of offenders have committed undetected contact offenses. There is currently no risk measure specifically developed for use with Internet-facilitated offenders who have no official history of contact sexual offenses. Several overlapping, follow-up studies of child pornography offenders suggest these individuals present less risk for future hands-on offenses, on average, than undifferentiated samples of contact sex offenders.[iii] The study with the longer follow-up period revealed that 8.5% of the sample committed a contact sexual offense after an average “at risk” period of almost six years. Block, Ph D, author of have the issue, say, dryness, Dr.


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