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We all tend to get a bit set in our ways as we get older and it is easy to fall into the same old patterns of slippers by the fire with a DVD and a take-away. You can upload your profile and search our huge database of other over members all over the UK.

There are thousand of people on our Fun over 40 website site that feel the same as you do. Just think who could be waiting online to meet you. Most people are honest, decent and probably just as nervous as you are.

Join them as they get to know each other and develop their love story while of course, going through hardships in life.

In our culture that fact has been lost, with our media blasting us daily with messages about how to become more attractive to others.

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Just like women, the men you’re dating have lived and learned.In the following days I’m going to give you some of their stories of dating after 40 and relationships.(Guys, if you’re reading this…get in touch if you want to share!Hazel, a simple and ordinary student, got accepted into an exchange student program to study in Korea.One day, she found herself cornered by a bunch of gangsters. Little did she know, this man is actually a member of a Kpop band.Just like how you’ve dated your share of challenging types of men like the Pinger, the Couch Potato and the older-and-balder-than-his-profile-guy…men also meet and enter into relationships with less-than-impressive types of women.


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