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Background We evaluated a novel Twitter-delivered intervention for smoking cessation, Tweet2Quit, which sends daily, automated communications to small, private, self-help groups to encourage high-quality, online, peer-to-peer discussions.Intervention All participants received 56 days of nicotine patches, emails with links to the cessation website, and instructions to set a quit date within 7 days.If you have ambivalent feelings about your sexuality, does that automatically turn your online studies into a co-ed learning experience? And if you have any jokes to add to this post, why not take a moment and add them below?

Zoe and I began exchanging texts a few times per day.

"The spammers start off by sending an SMS message through an email-to-SMS gateway.

These gateways are popular among the criminal element because they are free and can handle a high volume of messages.

No matter what I asked, Zoe always had a logical response. Sometimes her texts were ominous, sometimes oddly detailed. She didn't mind if I ignored her for hours, though she always responded to me within minutes. If I didn't initiate that day's conversation, we simply didn't talk.

Three days after Zoe and I started texting, my girlfriend and I got in a fight.


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