Validating others with words bible

This in effect is the question we are asking about the Bible.

The Bible claims to be the official statement of God's last will and testament - a document stating how people may receive a share of the eternal inheritance He offers.

Suppose a relative of yours dies (your rich uncle Joe).

A document is presented that claims to be Uncle Joe's last will and testament.

I call this different gospel the “goodness gospel”: my goodness, my life, my spiritual growth is up to me, and I’ll know how I’m doing based upon the specific things that I value or think make me a good Christian.

Aside from living in a self-selected huddle, living by the goodness gospel doesn’t bother us much.

But when we attach things like our education choices to the gospel, that’s when it gets ugly, divisive and dysfunctional. Whether we voice them or not, we choose man-made regulations according to what we value most—sometimes personal convictions that are right and good—and evaluate ourselves and other people according to them: appearance, education, food, parenting, work choices, giftings, behaviors. And we’re happy to take on that role for everyone else too, offering validation to those who choose what we choose and quietly dividing from those who don’t.

What tests or methods should be used to determine the validity of will? It was was written by Kurt Kuenne and is the recipient of a number of film festival awards. It means so very much and yet costs so very little. A well-meaning person in our church once openly questioned why my husband and I would choose to put our children in school rather than homeschooling them.Our own Milky Way galaxy holds some 200 billion stars.This material is also available as a free MP3 recording here: Bible Validity: How to Test Bible Claims Over the years I have observed various ways people have tried to use to prove that the Bible - or some other religious standard - is or is not true."I had a conversation the other day with a Christian friend about God's creation.


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